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First Time

Summary: The boyfriends make love for the first time.  (hence the original title)

Warnings:  handjobs, fingering, top!louis… basically just really graphic smut.  please don’t read if this isn’t your thing. 

one shot, 2000 words

(i’m supposed to be writing an album review for my school newspaper but i’m writing gay porn instead oops)

"You sure you’re ready, babe?"  Louis asked worriedly, touching a finger to Harry’s lip. 

Harry smiled up at him, taking Louis’ hand in his own.  “I’m sure,” he confirmed, giving Louis’ fingers a gentle squeeze.

Louis studied Harry’s face, searching for any signs of nervousness or hesitation.  Despite the fact that it was Harry’s first time having sex with another man—Louis had experimented with one or two guys before auditioning for the X-Factor and meeting Harry—it was the older boy whose face was clouded with anxiety.

Sensing Louis’ reluctance, Harry tightened his grip on Louis’ hand.  “I promise,” he said, gazing deeply into Louis’ eyes in an effort to convey his perfect sincerity.  “I trust you.  Besides, you know what you’re doing, right?  You’ve had experience before.”

Louis’ stomach churned; out of all the guys he’d previously slept with, none of them could remotely compare to Harry.  “I know,” he said, reaching up to brush some stray curls away from Harry’s forehead.  “But I’m just of afraid of…. you know.  Hurting you.  Or—or not making it good enough for you.”

Harry’s eyes shimmered, his heart melting around the edges at the concern in Louis’ voice.  “It’s okay, Boo,” he said, hoping that the old nickname would soothe the older boy’s fears.  “I know you won’t hurt me on purpose.  And honestly…”  He trailed off for a moment, his voice growing softer and more thoughtful.  “I don’t see how it could not be perfect with you.  You’re amazing, Lou.  I trust you with everything I have.”

Louis gazed down tenderly at his boyfriend, mouth stretching into a tiny smile.  “Okay,” he said, cupping Harry’s face in his palm.  He gave him a final, uncertain glance, brow knitting together with worry.  “Just… just tell me if you want to stop, okay?”

Harry nodded eagerly.  “Promise.”

Taking a deep breath, Louis leaned down and pressed his lips against Harry’s.  His hand reached around to the back of Harry’s head, fingers tangling in the thick curls.  Harry reciprocated the gesture, mouth moving in harmony with Louis’ and hands resting on Louis’ chest.  The kiss was deep and passionate—no rush, no sloppiness, just love and sentiment and intense, utter devotion. 

Louis eventually broke the kiss, lowering his head to nip softly at Harry’s collarbone.  “I love you so much,” he murmured against the pale skin.  His hands slipped underneath Harry’s shirt, feeling the slim, toned chest.  Harry let out a slight gasp, breath quickening.  He raised his arms, allowing Louis to pull off his shirt off.  The cool air hit his skin, sending a brief shiver throughout his body. 

Louis took off his own shirt as well, tossing the garment to the floor.  He then leaned forward once again, pressing their bodies together firmly.  Their mouths met in another heated kiss, Louis’ tongue snaking out and seeking entrance into Harry’s mouth this time.  Harry willingly obliged, parting his lips and granting Louis access.  Even as Louis’ tongue delved itself inside Harry’s mouth, the kiss was sweet and affectionate—nothing desperate or rough yet.

Harry let out a groan as he felt Louis’ hands travel farther south to his zipper.  Louis’ fingers expertly undid the zipper, tugging at the waistband of Harry’s pants in an attempt to get them off.  Harry lifted his hips, letting Louis slip his pants down to his ankles and then tug them entirely off his feet.  He was left in only his boxers, which did little to conceal the rapidly growing bulge in his crotch.

Louis brought his mouth back to Harry’s.  It seemed that each deep, lingering kiss was a way of saying of saying “I love you”—a way of telling Harry just how much he meant to him.  His hands were gentle as they wandered up Harry’s sides, stroking lightly and reassuringly.

A sudden surge of confidence went through Harry.  In a bold move, he reached for Louis’ zipper and swiftly undid it.  Louis let out a noise of approval and bucked his hips up, silently encouraging Harry to continue.  He wore such ridiculously tight pants that it took Harry awhile to successfully peel them off his legs, but the younger boy eventually managed.

When both boys were clad in only their boxers, Louis pulled back slightly, eyes roaming up and down the length of Harry’s body.  “You’re beautiful,” he breathed, voice full of awe.  Harry blushed, cheeks going pink.  Louis didn’t appear to notice.  “So beautiful,” he repeated, eyes never leaving Harry’s body.

Both Harry and Louis were half hard by this point, the anticipation mounting quickly between them.   Harry’s breath hitched as Louis reached down to slip his own boxers off.  It wasn’t that they’d never seen each other naked before—Harry, in particular, was quite proud of his manhood, often parading around the flat with it in plain view—but this was the first time that the lack of clothes truly meant something to them.  It wasn’t a thing between close friends anymore—it was them, exploring the deepest and most vulnerable parts of each others’ bodies, sharing their love through a physical connection, merging together into one soul, one beating heart.

And as Louis shed his boxers, Harry had to bite his lip to stifle a moan.  Louis looked fucking gorgeous.  Tanned skin, sparkling blue eyes, firm thighs, toned biceps—and massive cock, swollen and dripping with pre-come.  The sight caused Harry to rid himself quickly of his own boxers, tossing them aside.

Louis sucked in a deep breath as Harry’s cock sprung free.  He was no stranger to the sight, of course—but it occurred to him now, with a fresh wave of realization, just how big Harry was.  

Looking up, Louis locked gazes with Harry, feeling his heart soar as he saw the pure love and adoration in those green eyes.  Harry was absolutely perfect.  “I love you, Hazza.”

Harry gasped as one of Louis’ hands reached forward and took a firm hold of his cock.  Louis’ deft fingers began jerking him to a steady rhythm, tugging and pulling and doing things that Harry didn’t even know he’d enjoy so much.  He tipped his head back and let out a stream of curses and moans—before quickly realizing, with a great amount of embarrassment, how loud he was being.  He clapped a hand over his mouth, blushing madly.

But then he felt Louis’ warm hand over his.  “Let it out, baby,” the older boy said, lacing his fingers through Harry’s and gently removing Harry’s hand from his mouth.  “You sound so hot.  I wish you could see how good you look right now.  You’re so beautiful, Harry.  So, so gorgeous.”

The compliments only made Harry even more flustered, but he did as Louis asked.  A series of moans, whimpers, and strangled noises spilled from his lips as Louis’ hand pumped his cock.  Despite not having touched his own cock yet, Louis seemed to be enjoying this as much as Harry was.  Little gasps and breathless “fuck”s flew from his mouth as he worked Harry’s cock, jerking and flicking his wrist and running his thumb over the tip.

It didn’t take long for Harry to reach a critical point.  “Lou—stop—if you don’t stop, I’m gonna—” he barely managed to choke out, gripping the sheets with tight fists.

Louis immediately understood and gave Harry’s cock a few more tugs before stopping.  He leaned closer, placing his mouth beside Harry’s ear.  “Turn over for me, baby,” he whispered.  “Wanna make you feel good.” 

A shudder of anticipation went through Harry’s body.  He obeyed, rolling over onto his stomach.  Louis took a moment to admire the beautiful sight in front of him: his boyfriend, sprawled out and ready, skin flushed, curls matted.  He placed a hand in between Harry’s shoulder blades and slowly ran it down Harry’s back, marveling at the silkiness of the skin underneath his fingers.

"Love you so much, Harry." 

He took his hand lower, moving past Harry’s bum cheeks to his hole.  Harry let out a whimper as he felt Louis’ finger tracing his entrance.  Louis winced, thinking of what he’d said earlier about not wanting to cause Harry pain.

"This might hurt a little, baby," he cautioned.  For a moment, he wondered if Harry might be too scared to go on, but the younger boy merely nodded.  Louis took this as a sign to continue.  Hesitantly, he slipped a finger inside Harry, pushing in until his finger was sheathed up to the knuckle.

Harry’s walls clenched and Louis could see his back muscles tightening.  “Shit, I’m sorry, I just—try to relax, baby, don’t tense up, it’s okay, I love you,” the older boy rambled, trying to compensate for the sudden unfamiliar feeling.  He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Harry’s hair.  “We’ll stop if you want, okay?” 

Harry wriggled his hips, adjusting to the feeling of Louis’ finger inside him.  His voice was muffled, but with their bodies in such close proximity, Louis could hear it:  “Go on, Lou.”

Louis nodded, sliding his finger out.  He quickly thrusted it back in, not wanting to be too harsh with his movements but at the same time trying to open Harry up as much as possible.  As his finger prodded further, Harry let out a quiet whimper, hands forming tight fists around the sheets again.  His moans only grew louder as Louis added a second finger and began scissoring them.

"So good, Lou, so good," he panted as Louis moved his fingers in and out.

"Love you, Hazza," was Louis’ only response.

When Louis added a third finger and thrusted them even deeper, successfully managing to brush against that special bundle of nerves inside Harry’s body, the younger boy let out a scream.  “Fuck, Lou, do that again!” he cried, toes curling.  His back arched slightly off the mattress.  “Again, Lou, please, so good, I need, just, please, Louis—”

Louis shushed him by planting a kiss to the top of his head.  “Shh, baby,” he murmured, before sliding his fingers out and thrusting them in again.  Harry let out another strangled cry as Louis’ fingers scraped at his prostate again, sending waves of pleasure throughout his body.  He writhed and twisted on the mattress, pushing back on Louis’ fingers and babbling a stream of nonsensical phrases:

"Louis, please, I need you, please, more, fuckfuckfuck, oh god, Louis, shit, more, please, moremoremore, again—"

The desperate noises coming from Harry’s mouth sent another spike of arousal through Louis’ body.  Reaching for the bottle of lube on the nightstand, he placed it between his knees and began to unscrew the cap with his free hand.  He realized belatedly that he probably should’ve used it when opening Harry up—but judging from the moans that were currently spilling from the younger boy’s mouth, he didn’t think that Harry minded all that much.

He began slicking up his own cock, pulling his fingers out of Harry as he did so.  Harry let out a whine, obviously not liking the empty feeling.  Louis leaned down to whisper in Harry’s ear again, voice soft and reassuring:  “Gonna make you feel so good, love.  You’re so beautiful, Hazza, so incredible.  Don’t know what I ever did to deserve you.”

As soon as his cock was coated in lube, he placed his hands on Harry’s hips, flipping him over again.  Harry’s skin was flushed and sweaty, curls plastered to his forehead.  His green eyes stared up at Louis, wide and desperate.  “Please, Lou, need you—” he stammered out, voice breaking.

Louis spread Harry’s legs, shuffling forward so that he was settled in between Harry’s thighs.  He lined his cock up with Harry’s entrance, nudging the tip of it against Harry’s stretched hole.  “Ready, love?”

Harry nodded.

Louis brought his hips forward, thrusting completely into Harry.  A warm, tight heat immediately encircled his cock, and he moaned loudly.  Harry just felt so good, dammit.  He looked down and felt a pang of guilt as he saw that Harry’s eyes were scrunched in pain and that he was deliberately trying not to wince.  Apparently, he hadn’t been fully prepared for the size of Louis’ cock.

Louis reached up, smoothing the curls away from Harry’s forehead and giving him another gentle kiss.  “I love you, Harry,” he said, enunciating each word carefully.  “You’re so beautiful to me, baby.  I wish you could see yourself.  Most perfect thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

He stayed still for another moment, giving Harry time to adjust.  Finally, Harry gave a small nod.  Louis pulled out and then slowly thrust back in.  Some of the pain disappeared from Harry’s expression, and he squirmed a bit, getting used to Louis’ cock.  Louis took this as a sign of encouragement and pulled back out, thrusting forward with more force. 

A moan escaped from Harry’s lips this time.  As Louis continued to thrust in and out, his strokes growing deeper and quicker each time, Harry let out a stream of breathless words:  “Again, Lou, faster, more, faster, harder, again, more, moremoremore—”

Louis changed his angle, aiming for the spot that would reduce Harry to a blubbering mess.  He dug his fingers into Harry’s hips and deliberately slammed forward as hard as he could, driving his cock deep inside of Harry.  He knew he’d found the spot when Harry let out the filthiest, most delicious sound he’d ever heard in his life:  “Right there, Louis!  Oh god, fuckfuckfuck, feels so good, don’t stop, Louis, again, please—” 

Louis pounded into him again, eager for the moans and whimpers that spilled from the younger boy’s mouth.  He could feel the heat building rapidly in the pit of his stomach, a telltale sign that his climax was approaching.  “Gonna come, Harry—so close,” he warned, voice choked.

Harry nodded, and Louis knew that his boyfriend was as equally close.  Taking a hold of Harry’s cock, he began pumping him to the same rhythm as his thrusts.  “Come on, baby, come with me,” he urged.  “I love you so much, oh god, fuck, Harry, I love you—”

He was cut off as Harry promptly reached his orgasm, shooting ribbons of white all over both their chests and hands and stomachs.  The sight of Harry being overcome by such pleasure was enough to bring Louis over the edge as well, spilling his load everywhere. 

When both of them had come down from their highs, Louis slowly pulled out of Harry.  Ignoring the mess they’d made on the sheets, he wrapped his arms around Harry, snuggling closer to him.  Harry’s head came to rest on Louis’ chest, and for a moment, they both lay there, gasping for air and recovering from the experience.

"How was that?"  Louis finally asked, running his fingers up and down Harry’s spine.

Harry tilted his head up and smiled at Louis.  He looked tired and absolutely spent, but his green eyes were shining with a joy that filled Louis’ heart with warmth.  “Amazing.”

"I’m glad," Louis chuckled, before burying his face in Harry’s hair.  He closed his eyes, feeling suddenly sleepy.  Beneath him, Harry yawned, clearly drifting off as well.

And that was the way they fell asleep—together, tangled up in each other’s love, limbs crisscrossing, safe and happy and comfortable and whole

(omfg that was so terrible im sorry feel free to shoot me in the face)

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